Hospital Security Services

It is rightly said that there shall be no settlement with health.

 Similarly, there can be no compromise with the protection and safety of healthcare institutions, hospitals, etc. There should be topmost security for doctors and nurses in whose hands people’s health and life rest. Also, patients, who have put a lot of trust upon healthcare institutions and visit them for his or her wellbeing, shall be provided full safety and security.

‘Escort Intelligence and Security Services Private Limited’ also provides a hospitals security services provider, understands all your needs of safety and security and always keeps it on top priority. In a sensible industry like hospital and medical, we offer highly trained security personnel who possess a courteous attitude and understands the professionalism required from their end.

Each industry has its own set of safety needs. We understand your requirements precisely and prepare our safety guards in such a manner as they fulfil all of your safety needs. We provide them training on a timely basis and keep them updated with the protection standards of the industry.

Hospital security requires a sharp eye over all the places like entry-exit doors, patient’s rooms, elevators, supply closets, etc. Our safety staff is extremely well trained in assessing and analyzing suspicious things and behavior so that a peaceful and fearless environment prevails within the hospital.

we offer including duties :

Our hospital security guards are known throughout the country for their professionalism, skill, and efficiency. The use of force has never been a desirable outcome.

we offer including duties :

  1. Premises Patrolling
  2. Locating unidentified property patients/ visitors
  3. Searching lost property of patients/ visitors
  4. Safeguarding from the risks of arguments and fights between visitors at awaiting area
  5. 24*7 safety at restricted areas or staff use only like break areas, medical supply closet, etc
  6. Protect private patients rooms so as to restrict unauthorized entry causing irritation and discomfort for patients.