Hotel Security Services

We know that hospitality is your priority and that we protect you in the same way.

We work with a proactive approach and provide security programs that are tailored at the side of your integral operations. We assure that our hotel security guard services are comprehensive and apt for all sizes of hotels. We assure protection of building, guests, visitors, day users and employees of the hotel.

We understand that the hotel business and its hospitality depends on how safe the tourist or visitor feels there. So it becomes important for the hotel industry to supply a safe and secure environment.

 Apart from life casualties there’s other dangerous incidents which may ruin the reputation of the hotel. Hotel staff might not remember the risks that a guest may bring with it.

Our security guards services ensure you of letting you free of all the safety and security concerns. Our guards follow highest standards of integrity. they’re courteous enough to welcome the guests and simultaneous they skills to tackle any violent situation if arises.

With our continuous efforts we have got succeeded in gaining client’s trust and have become one of the prominent security guard service providers in Ahmedabad. 

So whether your security needs is brief term like public events, corporate parties, conferences, or requires comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation we are surely a right choice to escort.

Our hotel security services include :

Our hotel security guards are known throughout the country for their professionalism, skill, and efficiency. The use of force has never been a desirable outcome. 

Our hotel security services include :

  1. Access point monitoring
  2. In Out checks
  3. Parking lot patrolling
  4. Mobile and random patrolling
  5. 24/7 CCTV
  6. Emergency security services
  7. Security service for special events, marriage function, corporate events etc
  8. Checking unauthorized intrusion
  9. Elevator security
  10. Escort guests to location
  11. Chaperone services for group hotel stays.