Industrial Security

A minute lapse in the security steps at the location may cause a sizable loss on the pocket of the corporate

We know the penetrability of assets and facilities at industrial sites, construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing and plant units, distribution centres etc. A minute lapse in the security steps at the location may cause a sizable loss on the pocket of the corporate .

Owing to the tireless efforts of our experienced professionals, we are ready to offer a large gamut of commercial guard Service to the clients.

Escort Intelligence and Security Services Private Limited being the best industrial security guard company in Ahmedabad aims to provide a hassle free working environment by deploying well trained, well informed and well equipped security men.

The major challenge of security faced by industry is because of the massive number of goods or assets with the vast amount of space. Our expert guards will troubleshoot all the industrial safety risks like theft, counterfeiting, sabotage, vandalism, pilferage, unauthorized access to the site, unauthorized takeaways

Our industrial security services includes:

Our industrial security guards are known throughout the country for their professionalism, skill, and efficiency. The use of force has never been a desirable outcome.

We make sure you of the top security services in Ahmedabad. When you hire us your all safety worry becomes our. You just name it as we protect it.

Our industrial security services includes:

  1. Equipment safety and security
  2. Ground Patrolling
  3. Visitors log
  4. Material in out register
  5. Gate pass for any item being moved in or out of the location
  6. Client or guest escort
  7. Investigate thefts, pilferage, contaminations, vandalism etc
  8. Armed or unarmed personnel
  9. Parking lot security
  10. Investigate suspicious people and vehicles
  11. Customized asset protection plan
  12. Customized security and safety plans
  13. Ensuring that you just are in compliance with safety standards
  14. Assisting in designing and deploying CCTVs at location