Lady Security Guards

Females these days have achieved glorious heights. They are independent, working, moving, etc.

Although this has marked an additional mile in the growth of the country with the increasing crime everywhere , their safety and security can’t be overlooked. Either the female staff or the client needs security.

From our varied security services in Ahmedabad, lady security guards service is between those for which we take extra care. We provide educated and trained female guards. Females under the protection and security of our guard will feel safe and can roam easily with none thought.

We train our safety staff on good manners while working with women. They are all courteous and knowledge to tackle the situation in case of an emergency.

We offer highly skilled, reliable and cost-effective security guards.

Our lady security go with females while traveling like from home to job, job to home, in office cabs, drop and pick up office female staff, events, special occasions.

Our security guards also inspected the safety of women in supermarkets, malls, mall, multiplexes, and tourist places.

our Lady security have including duties:

Lady, by nature, can contract with battle and can usually resolve difficulties calmly.

our lady security have including duties:

  1. Ability to go where males can’t
  2. Patrolling the Embassy and staff Residences
  3. Monitoring CCTV: Real time and reviewing events
  4. Ability to handle Conflicts
  5. Escorting visitors, contractors and deliveries
  6. Ability to challenge particular jobs