Mall Security Services

These days’ malls are one of the most desirable places, and have a huge number of footfalls everyday.

People go there for shopping, visiting, fun and entertainment, eating food and much more. This has made shopping malls more vulnerable and exposed to crime by theft, vandalism etc. Hence it becomes crucial to protect the people, property etc in a mall.

Our security guards knowledge to tackle the situation in a peaceful way so on protect the reputation of mall. They held a very high and respectful approach to their work. They are well trained to make welcoming, safe and secure environment for visitors, vendors, landlords, tenants, associates etc.


Escort Intelligence and Security Services Private Limited is providing best mall security guard services in Ahmedabad since quite a long time and has the expertise necessary to address the unique security challenges. It includes protection from

Clearly, shopping malls may favor crime that has never occurred before. As uniformed security guards search the mall, many acts of theft and violence do not occur. At the moment when a security guard is recognized, the person or persons change their minds and leave the mall.

Reducing crime by mere appearance is enough to make sure that security guards are always on hand. 

our mall security have including duties:

Our maa securityguards are known throughout the country for their professionalism, skill, and efficiency. The use of force has never been a desirable outcome.

our mall security have including duties :

  1. Shoplifting and robberies
  2. Resolving violent situations occurring between customers or between shopkeeper and customer or the other .
  3. Providing make it available helping hands to ladies, kids and handicapped
  4. Preventing property damage
  5. Parking lot patrol
  6. Gate check in check out
  7. Traffic control outside mall
  8. Mobile patrolling
  9. Identifying suspicious Acts or persons
  10. Armed security escort for jewellery and cash
  11. Short term guard services like security for store opening and closing, renovation, vacant property checks, etc
  12. Find lost children, property.
  13. Seamlessly coordinate with local authorities just in case of any emergency like fire accidents, , medical emergencies etc.
  14. Crowd control for events, concerts etc