Personal Guard

Owing to our enriched experience, we are devoted towards offering a wonderful quality Personal guard Service.

In today’s scenario where there’s no surety of safety and security all what needed is closed protection services. Where you visit the office, work, travel, etc. can be a threat. So to overcome such instances we are here with the personal guard service.

we offer both armed and unarmed personal security officers, bodyguards, close protection officers. Our security guards are very well trained which they’re doing their job in a good manner. They understand where to intervene without disrupting the private life of the customer.

Our master plan isn’t simply to act as a “ bodyguard” service for you and your family. Rather than solely responding to dangers as they offer themselves, our focus to deter and reduce all potential dangers before they’re ever realized. 

We have special protection officers to protect everyone whether it is a man, a woman or a child or any government official, celebrities, CEOs, VP’s by recognizing the potential dangers and knowing how to beat them. We cover you wherever you wish.

Our team of security guards is extremely focused and is experienced in all aspects to defense measures and who can quickly reply to any security threat. They maintain security for our clients in the least with zero compromises in alertness.

Our security guards are trained on the way to tackle extreme situations like terrorist attacks, molestation, assault. They know all the weapons and have a lot of fighting skills. We also have armed drivers if you would like. there’s no such threat which we don’t cover.

our personal security guard have including duties:

Our all the guards have a clean chit background and have experienced physical and mental fitness tests. We promise to serve you the most impressive.

our personal security guard have including duties:

  1. Crime Prevention
  2. Instant Response Time
  3. With security guards staying near high-at-risk facilities and business divisions, employees and other workers enjoy a sense of peace and security.
  4. Monitoring of Business Premises
  5. Improved Customer Service and Business Repute