Residential Security

Assure your family lives in a very safe and secure environment. No one can put their families in danger .

The living environment should be fearless. For the purpose of providing full-fledged security services, Escort Intelligence and Security Services Private Limited has put great efforts and tried to become one of the Best Security Guards Services Provider Company in Ahmedabad. We have a proven record of being reliable, vigilant, and liable for providing residential security services.

Residents of a residential complex expect the very best standards of safety and security in terms of private security, no theft, Kids and women-friendly environment, etc. 

“Escort Intelligence and Security Services Private Limited provide day and night security services and can give protection services to take notice above. Crisis never comes with an alarm.

Anything can happen anywhere, anytime. When the woman of the home is in the kitchen or kids playing in the residential vicinity they all require a safe and secure territory. With the help of vigilant security guards, many unwanted incidents or mis-happenings may be avoided. We provide the most effective security services in less than no time. For the target of continuous monitoring in the vicinity, we design and install monitoring devices.

We adopt a comprehensive approach for choosing , training and deploying guards at your home .

Following are the key services we offer

The living environment should be fearless

Following are the key services we offer :

  1. Visitors in-out register
  2. Random patrol
  3. Parking lot and ground patrolling
  4. Threat detection and prevention
  5. Building opening/ closing
  6. Elevator security
  7. Coordination with local authorities just in case of medical or fire emergency