UNArmed Guard

Escort Intelligence and Security Private Limited offers standing, and vehicle patrol security guards.

Our unarmed security personnel are competent in areas where there is a need for strong visual deterrence or surveillance to prevent and report crime.

Once hired, all supervisory officers receive full supervision as continuous and repetitive training.

Each officer meets the training requirements of the SECCC, but is also given specific postal orders and trained for a specific site to which they are assigned.

They regularly patrol the area on foot, bicycle, golf cart, or vehicle and react to all alarms and incidents.

They remain in constant communication with their on-duty supervisor, ensuring that every one incidents are addressed ensuring consistent delivery of services, and immediate response should an emergency arise.

Prior to joining our team, unarmed guard applicants must have completed all state-required security training classes and obtained recognized guard license from Gujarat’s experts trainers.

our unarmed security have including duties:

Our unarmed guards are known throughout the country for their professionalism, skill, and efficiency. The use of force has never been a desirable outcome.

our unarmed security have including duties:

  1. React emergencies and notify the relevant authorities.
  2.  Locking, unlocking and securing areas, doors and gates.
  3.  Enforce parking regulation on private property.
  4.  Make random walks on foot wearing a certified and or more visible guard uniform, marked by guard cars, bicycles, or golf carts.
  5.  Make it safe to sweep using hand-held lights that illuminate dark areas where intruders can hide.